It is probably the most efficient and most compatible product for desinfection on our planet.

The agent complex developed by the Eubitec AG is unprecedented in its dosage (ppm) and therefore in its velocity to eliminate germs (redox-potential).


Our agent complex is:

  • A 100% biodegradable, therefore sustainable
  • No hazmat
  • Non inflammable
  • Not containing alcohol, surfactants or any other chemical contents
  • Kills bacteria with 99,99%, therefore germicidal
  • Kills viruses with 99,99%, therefore virucidal
  • Kills fungus with 99,99%, therefore fungizial
  • Kills yeast fungi with 99,99%, therefore levurocidal
  • Bacterial spores with 99,99%, therefore sporicidal
  • Very effective in the destroyed of ASF-V virus
  • Very effective in the destroyed of the bird flu, HPAI virus
  • Very effective in the destroyed of the CORONAVIRUS

All of our agent complexes are a 100% skin-,mucous membrane- and eye-friendly.. The water-based agents which we produce are being used in various fields, in which hygiene, cleaning, desinfection and odor elimination play are role. It is therefore very important to us, that the basic ingredients differ significantly from other products.

For this reason, there a numerous ways in which it can be used.  Depending on where it is used, the agent complex is being adjusted.

Our rate of germs being killed is at 99,99%, which makes our product stand out as a perfect remedyt in the realm of hygiene, desinfection and odor elimination.


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