Our top priority is to raise quality standards and output. Within the sector of organic disinfection, we have been collecting experience in various fields. With our pool of knowledge we are able to lead projects to success quickly.

Very often, food does not spoil because of its natural ripening process from the inside to the outside, but rather due to a contamination with fungi, bacteria and viruses from the outside to the inside.

This can happen for various reasons:

Through non-sterile storage in the factory where it is produced, through packaging materials such as wood or cardboard, through transportation on wooden paletts, non-sterile refrigerator vehicles, and when the cold chain is interrupted.

The application of Foodbioclean ensures the elimination of all fungi, bacteria and viruses that might be found on food. This process is a 100% organic. Moreover, Foodbioclean is human identical and eliminates all human pathogenic germs.