The tried and proven disinfecting liquid BESTBIOCLEAN DESINFECTION FLUID for spraying, wiping and thinning can be used everywhere where it is important for the user to get the maximum effect without chemical or flammable substances. The BESTBIOCLEAN DESINFECTION FLUID is the worlds first BESTBIOCLEAN solution without alcohols, aldehydes and phenols and it has no risks for the users. That means that with the right spray bottle it can be sprayed on surfaces in rooms and on bodies. The spray is no Health Hazard but has a sensational disinfectionpotential:

  • 100%* hygiene with bacteria, fungus and virus.
  • Acts within seconds bactericidal, sporocidal, virucidal and levurocidal.
  • Eliminates immediately all smells and reduces contaminations.
  • Can be used on skin, fur, surfaces and in rooms.
  • It’s sustained and biodegradable.

Learn now how you can bring the BESTBIOCLEAN DESINFECTION FLUID in your everyday life.

Make your life easy and hygienic with the worlds most innovative BESTBIOCLEAN DESINFECTION FLUID!

*100% hygienic means that the room, the surface or the body is after the use exempted from all pathogenic germs that would burden the Well-being of humans and animals!