Retail Trade

Used very often, but rarely cleaned, and hardly ever disinfected.

The appeal of the retail trade is to touch and try the products. This is how a unique shopping experience is created.

This is also true for times in which the internet is getting ever more present, since this is one of the few advantages next to personal attention, which retail trade has to offer.

Over the last two decades, we have gained a great deal of experience in the retail industry. We believe that our new project will make the shopping experience more pleasant and will minimize the unconscious risks for both customers and sales personnel.

Customers, as well as personnel, touch the products constantly, again and again. A contamination of the products with viruses, bacteria and fungi is thus inevitable. We found coli bacteria and mold fungi in all areas. In parts, the contamination was so dense, that the bacteria were uncountable. Chemists were talking about a “meadow”.

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