Qualified for disinfecting, cleaning and smell elimination. For Skin and hands such as surfaces all kinds. Eliminates 99,99% of bacteria, virus and fungus. Qualified for eliminating biofilm.

  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-flammable
  • Without alcohols
  • Without surfactants
  • Without phenols
  • Without fragrances
  • suitable for allergy sufferers

How higher the user demands, so more important is the fibre quality. The higher using of Convenience-products, so products that can be used easy and immediately, is going with a rising awareness for sustainability. At first glance there are joining up two opposites, that we can unite in the KLICK-Tool in cooperation with the Lenzing AG.

So we use as cloth material special renewable and bio certified wood natural fibres, that are natural degradable that means that they are very sustain.

Only when the CLICK TOOL is activated by pressing gets the cloth in contact with the liquid active ingredient. It swells up and is immediately ready for using — and that only with Nature-Performance!

Ideal applicator cloth for valuable liquids

Wherever you want to apply the valuable liquid active ingredient BESTBIOCLEAN for disinfection and hygiene purposes in the correct dosage to skin, objects or surfaces, the KLICK tool with the natural applicator cloth is best used.

Natures Best — for your delicate skin and sensitive surfaces

The fine natural fibres are not only particularly absorbent, but also so smooth and velvety soft that the application of BESTBIOCLEAN with the applicator cloth is probably the gentlest form of administration — ideal for sensitive skin! Whether children’s bottoms or dog paws, sensitive skin can now be gently hygienized.

Naturally clean, pure and hygienic

For the most sensitive applications, we offer the finest and most compatible materials — from nature-identical disinfectant fluid to the applicator cloth. At EUBITEC, there are only the finest for your legitimate demands!

From the production to the materials to the applications of our customers — we love it clean and are aware of our great responsibility for quality.